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The first step to having totally kick ass images, is hiring a totally kick ass photographer! 

  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Bad Ass Images!

I’m just going to come out and say it, being a wedding photographer in the Seattle area is amazing.
We literally get to spend entire days with couples on one of the happiest days of their lives, and in one of the most beautiful areas of the country!
It’s truly a humbling experience that we take incredibly seriously and recognize that distinct honor each and every time.   

But more than it being a honor, it’s a total blast! We love the excitement and joy each wedding day brings. The nervous first look, the joyous tears as your dad walks you down the aisle, that feeling turning around to walk down the aisle together as a married couple, that first dance, and of course the party!  

A bride jokingly chokes her husband during formal portraits after their wedding in Leavenworth Washington

Great wedding photography is about capturing moments, emotion, and expression! The realness of the day, and the feels you felt. This is what we are here for! 

A wedding party gathers on the stairs of the venue to make silly faces at the bride and groom towards the end of the reception
Wedding Information 1 Seattle Photography

Let’s be honest, a lot of wedding photography looks the same. Sure the bride and groom change, and the venue looks different, but the images look like every other wedding you’ve seen. That’s not what we are about. We are about creating rad images that not only tell your story, but are absolutely unique to your wedding day. It’s our job to deliver images to you that will make people stop and say “holy sh*t, these are amazing and I am so bummed I couldn’t be there!”

But being incredible wedding photographers is about so much more than just delivering kick ass images. It is also about the level of service, expertise, and client experience we create and provide. Planning a wedding can be absolutely insane and overwhelming, we are here to help take some of that stress and pressure off of you, guide you through the process, outline your wedding day in a way that will flow seamlessly, and most importantly allow you to relax and enjoy the days’ moments as they come. 

Wedding Information 3 Seattle Photography

Although it’s certainly implied, it’s many times understated just how important hiring an experienced and trusted wedding photographer is. Especially in this area, where there is definitely no shortage of Seattle wedding photography options to choose from.
There are no second takes or do-overs in wedding photography, and unfortunately these events can be the very last time some of these people are ever together. So the importance of the moments captured goes beyond just documenting the day, it’s about preserving memories. 

We all have that friend that hired the *wrong* photographer for their wedding, and their photos are a disaster.
It happened to us. When we got married just over 9 years ago we didn’t really have the budget for good wedding photography, and didn’t yet understand the importance of what this would mean as the years went by. We literally only have a handful of photographs from our wedding that we like, and actually have ZERO printed and hanging in our house today. Our story is not unique, we have heard this story time and time again from couples and families that we book for their lives milestone event photos down the road.

In our client consultations we often talk about this experience with prospective couples. We ask them which aspects of their wedding day they are most looking forward to,  and what types of images would be their most cherished from their wedding day. Many times we hear about moments like the emotion and joy from their first look, walking down the aisle with their father, or dancing with their grandfather during their reception. This stuff matters, not just to them but also to us. We both almost always cry during the dances, laugh so hard it hurts during the toasts, and leave each wedding with hearts full of joy and love for the couple we just spent the day with. 

We love what we d0 ❤️ 

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