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The first step to having totally kick ass images, is hiring a totally kick ass photographer! 

  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Bad Ass Images!

I get it, having your photo taken probably isn’t your favorite, it’s not for most people. But that’s probably because you just haven’t had an experience that made the whole process awesome.
 Having photos taken can be, and SHOULD be fun! 
And that’s where we come in. 

Our sessions are centered around fun first, goofiness second, and making sure you
have a really rad time third, fourth, and fifth.
Oh, and your photos will be totally amazing too. Obviously! 

Portraits Information 1 Seattle Photography

The days of the stand and smile awkward family photos are gone, well unless you’re totally into re-creating something amazingly awkward, because, let’s be honest that’s hilarious! 

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Our sessions are less based on stiff and boring posing, and more based on connections and interactions. 
Sure, we can totally do a few traditional photos as well, because c’mon I know Gramma wants a “nice” photo. But you can totally expect tickle fights, fart jokes, and oh so many hugs and snuggles throughout your session! 

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But we don’t just offer family portrait sessions, we also offer high school senior and maternity sessions as well! 

If I am being honest, these are actually some of my very favorite things to photograph. 
I love getting to know the high school seniors; hearing their stories, their interests, and their plans, and finding ways to incorporate that into their session for them! 

And we’ve all heard about the “glow” a soon to be mama has during her pregnancy. Being able to capture that glow in all of it’s stunning glory is such an incredible honor and really a treasured experience. 

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Portraits Information 13 Seattle Photography
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So if you’ve made it this far, hopefully you love our work, and more importantly you LOVE the idea behind our philosophy and style. So let’s talk details. We are a full service photography studio, and what that means, is that we are help you throughout the entire process, and will expertly guide you through each step of the way, from the time you book, through the time you’re selecting your images for your wall, gifts, or a stunning album! 

We understand how overwhelming this can be, which is why it is our job to streamline this process for you, offer our sage like advice along the way, and deliver an experience and service that you’ll enjoy. 

Sounds awesome right? Just drop a message below to get started!

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