Lucy – Angel Session

Lucy – Angel Session

Last week Jackie and I took the kids to the park down the street like we do most nights. It was about 7pm, and we were getting ready to convince the kids it was time to go home to eat dinner and get ready for bed, it was a school night after all! As I was negotiating with the kids about how much longer we would stay, Jackie noticed a family that had just arrived, they were there to take their fur baby Lucy for one last walk through the park, to smell the smells, and to enjoy one of her favorite places one final time.

Lucy, the 17 year old, 3 legged Golden Retriever was on her victory lap, and had an appointment with the vet that evening for an in home euthanasia. Once Jackie realized what was going on, she sent me home to grab the camera to capture these memories and to help this family say goodbye. As it turned out, Lucy survived cancer when she was 12, and ended up having to have her front left leg amputated, she recovered and was able to enjoy another 5 years with her family.

Although these were some of the more difficult and emotional images we’ve taken, it was incredibly heart warming to know that these will be something this family can cherish and love forever. We had never formally met them, but had seen them around at many of the events at the elementary school our kids shared. Watching their kids interact with their best friend one last time was heart breaking, but somehow it seemed that I was crying the hardest out of everyone there.

As I was snapping away, Jackie was talking to them about Lucy, and their family. They have had plans in the works to pick up their next puppy, another Golden Retriever they are naming Ruby later this week!  They had hoped to be able to have the two dogs share some time together, but Lucy was ready to make her journey across the rainbow bridge.

We just happened to be at the park at the time they arrived by chance, and were thankful to be able to spend even just 20 minutes with Lucy in her last hours. Celebrating life, and documenting the difficult moments at the end is something we’ve really wanted to be able to give back to families, and having this opportunity was something we’ve been hoping to make a focus of our business in the future, but it’s not really something you can market towards or recruit for.

If you are faced with the difficult choice with a pet, or loved one, please reach out to us, we would love to donate an angel session to your family.

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