Julie + Brett – Discovery Park Engagement Session

Julie + Brett – Discovery Park Engagement Session

Way back in April I met up with Julie and Brett at Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle Washington to shoot their engagement session. We had been planning for a few weeks for something epic, and the weather aligned just right and we made magic happen in the park! They were a blast to work with and I’m so excited to shoot their wedding in a couple of weeks this August.

If you’re unfamiliar with Discovery Park, it’s amazing! First of all, it’s HUGE. Easily the largest park in Seattle, and probably the most diverse photographically as well. It has everything, woods and trails, tall grass fields, wild flowers in the summer, a bluff overlooking the bay with a killer view of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, and a nice beach complete with a Lighthouse! It’s incredible as a photographer to have so many options all within a few minutes walk, or if you’re pinched for time, a quick drive to the other side of the park to get a view totally different from the area you were just working in.

Discovery Park is also unique in that it shares it’s site with Fort Lawton, a former US Army site. Fort Lawton was officially closed in 2011, but served as a major hub of the Pacific during and after WWII. Today several buildings remain, including the chapel, a graveyard, and 26 homes that were renovated from their purpose as military housing, to be a rare residential opportunity to live within the park!

With Brett and Julie we started by the Chapel, which is a little white WWII era wedding chapel. It was designated a historic landmark in 2004 and still serves as a great back drop for outdoor weddings. We also took a short walk into the fields nearby to capture some incredible views of the Olympics behind them and strolled a bit through the forest before we took a short drive down to the beach to finish off their session.

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